Common Lisp… meet newLisp October 10, 2007

I am constantly watching and trying new programming languages and concepts.  Io, Seed7, and Scala have all been exciting to see progressing, but one language I have always watched closely has been newLisp.

I have used, admired, and at times worshiped Common Lisp, but I think we may need to stop trying to teach the old dog new tricks, and instead breed that old dog with a sexy younger and hipper dog.

newLisp is the beautiful blend of Common Lisp and Scheme, with a feel like Python or Ruby. The documentation is great (with videos included!), the language is small and intuitive, more so at times that any modern popular scripting language.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no plans to stop using Python or Common Lisp, but newLisp is pretty fun to use.