If pasta was a market, I’d start trading now September 14, 2007

If you’re Italian, or just like pasta a lot, I have some bad news for you.

Pasta prices are on a rise. Wheat prices are rising and Italians are protesting by urging consumers NOT to buy pasta, and instead handing out free pasta, milk, and bread. There ain’t no protest like a pasta protest! Direct from the article “Activists say Italians will soon be paying up to 20 percent more for their daily serving of fettuccine, spaghetti or linguine,” but farmers aren’t seeing any rise in profits because it is all production markup.

Google has made the push to have users’ privacy a higher priority on the Internet. The tech giant is making a push for a global set of privacy rules that all governments and businesses would have to agree to and uphold. This seems quite interesting because I recall not too long ago all the privacy hacks you could do with Google/Gmail. All of that aside, I’m glad to see this being brought up to the international level. One quick side note, there are tons of awesome things you can do with Gmail, and Google has an excellent track record of patching vulnerabilities and increasing user privacy.

Everyone is aware of global warming, but for a long time the Bush Administration and energy companies funded projects to help denounce its existence. This all changed recently when one of Bush’s aides said global warming is most certainly man-made.

Also, OJ Simpson might have broken into a casino to steal sports memorabilia. Absolutely hilarious.  What Sports-turned-Movie star needs more shit to decorate his mansion with?

Lastly, please vote for Dennis Kucinich for President.