Our World is About to Blow Up… Sorry. September 7, 2007

Pretty soon you might not to be able to read this blog at the blazing speeds that our current internet infrastructure provides. The Department of Justice has told Internet service providers that they should charge for priority traffic. Large companies and organizations have openly supported net neutrality, so everyone has equal access and abilities on the internet. It’s unusual that the UNITED STATES is decided how to treat the INTERNATIONAL internet.

The internet isn’t the only thing being threatened in the US. As it turns out, A B-52 (sweet band) bomber carrying live nuclear warheads flew across the United States. Not one nuke, not two, SIX nuclear warheads and clocked more than three hours of flight time, gracefully circling the US of A.

Department of Homeland Security recently ceased their data mining operations that used personal information without permission or protecting privacy. After $42 Million and a sweet acronym (ADVISE), the program was shut down after it was discovered that the software could erroneously associate people with crimes and other undesirable activity, and the privacy of people was blatantly disregarded. This is the second pilot program to invade the privacy of people and be cancelled.

In the spirit of signing away privacy, Neural posted news about Ars Electronica having an AWESOME project called “Good Bye Privacy”

The time for this couldn’t be any better, when over half of the world says the US should pull out of Iraq right now and more parts of the Patriot Act are found unconstitutional.

A follow up to the news about China’s military hacking both Germany and the US, China of course denies all allegations. However China has previously claimed that to fight a large conventional army like the United States, they must attack satellites, financial infrastructure, and the information infrastructure.

Lastly, since “Being Green” is the new thing (much like fighting AIDS in the early 90s and such), and I’m always one to stay popular, check out this sweet lamp that filters your air, looks beautiful, and makes a sweet statement. Also, this Sunday in Philadelphia is GreenFest. Come down and have some fun!