Prank Calls and Platforms September 6, 2007

Last night I was prank called by two lovely girls (one of which remained in the background). Cheers to you two, it was a pretty good prank call, but I was aware of its nature as soon as it started. The caller claimed to be doing a survey for Drexel University, but was WAY to enthusiastic to be conducting surveys, and when they called a second time said “Sorry, we got disconnected, I was in my apartment,” and no one would use a personal cell phone or conduct Drexel Surveys from a cell phone.  But kudos for making your number appear as “Restricted” which leads me into my first bit of techno-info. Here are some useful cell phone tricks:

  • Dialing *67 before your number will block your cell phone number for that call. Crucial for prank calls as I’m sure my prankers were aware.
  • Every Cell phone has a unique serial number. This number is useful to locate a stolen phone or track down prankers. To get your serial number (usually a 15 or 12 digit number) dial: *#06#
  • You can use a VoIP hard or soft phone, or an orange box to spoof your caller ID. Using the Orange Box method only masks your callerID, the network will still transfer and store your true caller ID method.

Neural is one of the best magazines/blogs/news sources out on the internet today. A beautiful blend of media arts, hacktivism, and so much more. The other day an awesome article came across the feed about platform shoes for prostitutes with a built in LCD screen for advertising and built in GPS to send out distress signals to female abuse centers and the police in emergency situations.

Also from Neural came news of Still/Open, a workshop and forum in Australia to promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the open source philosophy.

Lastly, it appears that hacking isn’t just for the pasty white kids. The Chinese military hacked into the pentagon and Germany has chimed in that they also have been hit by the Chinese military as well. You’d think with the Point-And-Click technology the FBI uses to wiretap nearly any device, this kind of stuff would be less likely. (<— that article is AMAZING)