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ClojureScript and Node.js – an experience report October 26, 2012 No Comments

ClojureScript on Node.js is a (potentially) compelling story for writing scripting apps with Clojure. I am just now finishing up the first of a handful of example apps to help tease out the approach, tooling, and ClojureScript patches needed to make Clojure a viable option in this regard. git-ttt git-ttt is a git-backed, text-based, ticket [...]

Clojure-powered Startups and the upcoming Conj No Comments

Earlier in the year I spoke at Clojure/West on “Clojure-powered Startups.”  The talk was limited to 25 minutes and sadly was light on supporting data.  The point I really wanted to drive home was a roadmap of successfully adopting Clojure for production work. At the upcoming Conj, I’ll be speaking about Production ClojureScript – and [...]