Production ClojureScript June 21, 2012

Last night I presented at ClojureNYC on my experience putting ClojureScript into production.
A few have asked for the slides.

The presentation discusses some features of Shoreleave, the suite of utilities Tutorspree built up for building ClojureScript apps.  The slides also provide some suggestions on how to build out or structure your ClojureScript applications.

Coming soon are two example apps (one of which was demo’d during the talk) – a SOLR-connected CLJS client a TodoMVC example.  Both will come bundled with a teaching/exploration tool (which was also demo’d last night).

Once the demo apps are done, I’ll be doing a quick screencast on getting the most out of Shoreleave.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has help shaped Shoreleave and provided me with feedback.  It’s all greatly appreciated.

  • Kovas Boguta

    Hey, just wanted to say I thought the presentation was great! Definitely gonna be taking some of these features for a spin.

  • Patrick Brown

    Seriously, just cloned a couple of shoreleave repos….. hot shit.

    • ohpauleez

      Glad to hear it! More stuff coming in the 0.2.2 release.