More Clojure talks July 5, 2013

In November of 2012, I spoke at the Clojure Conj on my experiences using ClojureScript in production.  It was an amazing conference and I was beyond excited to speak.  You can watch the talk on YouTube.

Clojure/West was hosted in Portland, OR this year!  I gave a talk on the power of specification and capturing Specifications as a Value.  I plan on writing a follow-up post with my latest work in this area – logical assertions with core.logic and capturing the concepts of xADL in EDN.  The combination of these two lets you specify and validate your system from the requirements, through the architecture, and then into the code, while still enabling you to augment your running system (via a more robust version of `fn-with` that I demoed in my talk).

I’ve gotten a few emails to publish a screencast of the demo from my talk, since it wasn’t captured live – I’ll do my best to pull one together, but in the meantime you can see the code on GitHub that was used to drive the demo.

  • dspiteself

    I am very interested to hear about that xADL work.

  • geraldodev


    Let me congratulate you by the finesse and consideration of you talking to people on pedestal gihub and pedestal users group.

    You are a gentleman.

    Keep rocking.