I’m a software engineer and architect who is passionate about real, practical software engineering.  I love metrics, smart efficient processes, and always pushing the envelope with what’s possible with software.  I’ve worked with numerous companies (including Playdom/Disney Interactive, PushButton Labs, Etsy, OurShelf, Comcast/CIM, Tutorspree) and have contributed to many open source projects.
Currently I’m a co-founder and scientist for an independent R&D lab, NDensity.

I was previously a BS/MS student at Drexel University completing my BS in Software Engineering.  I dropped my MS in Computer Science (with my thesis on Autonomic Computing and Dependable Systems) to launch my first startup OurShelf.  I was a member of Drexel University’s Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) and was also involved in research and software engineering with other groups and organizations.  For more information, see my resume.

I enjoy tea, rock climbing, and my home recording studio.

This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer(s).

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