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More Clojure talks July 5, 2013 2 Comments

In November of 2012, I spoke at the Clojure Conj on my experiences using ClojureScript in production.  It was an amazing conference and I was beyond excited to speak.  You can watch the talk on YouTube. Clojure/West was hosted in Portland, OR this year!  I gave a talk on the power of specification and capturing [...]

ClojureScript and Node.js – an experience report October 26, 2012 No Comments

ClojureScript on Node.js is a (potentially) compelling story for writing scripting apps with Clojure. I am just now finishing up the first of a handful of example apps to help tease out the approach, tooling, and ClojureScript patches needed to make Clojure a viable option in this regard. git-ttt git-ttt is a git-backed, text-based, ticket [...]

Clojure-powered Startups and the upcoming Conj No Comments

Earlier in the year I spoke at Clojure/West on “Clojure-powered Startups.”  The talk was limited to 25 minutes and sadly was light on supporting data.  The point I really wanted to drive home was a roadmap of successfully adopting Clojure for production work. At the upcoming Conj, I’ll be speaking about Production ClojureScript – and [...]

Production ClojureScript June 21, 2012 3 Comments

Last night I presented at ClojureNYC on my experience putting ClojureScript into production. A few have asked for the slides. The presentation discusses some features of Shoreleave, the suite of utilities Tutorspree built up for building ClojureScript apps.  The slides also provide some suggestions on how to build out or structure your ClojureScript applications. Coming [...]

Announcing GottaFind: HTML5 + Clojure Location Sharing June 13, 2011 No Comments

GottaFind is a location sharing application that makes heavy use of HTML5 and is supported by an asynchronous Clojure1 backend.  Its primary function is to serve as an example project2 for those pursuing various HTML5 efforts or scalable, streaming backends.3 GottaFind uses the following HTML5 technologies: Web sockets (with failover to Flash sockets) Geolocation Session [...]