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Announcing GottaFind: HTML5 + Clojure Location Sharing June 13, 2011 No Comments

GottaFind is a location sharing application that makes heavy use of HTML5 and is supported by an asynchronous Clojure1 backend.  Its primary function is to serve as an example project2 for those pursuing various HTML5 efforts or scalable, streaming backends.3 GottaFind uses the following HTML5 technologies: Web sockets (with failover to Flash sockets) Geolocation Session [...]

Announcing SoyMacchiato – OpenJDK7 for Mac OS X April 24, 2011 No Comments

SoyMacchiato is a set of scripts and binary releases of OpenJDK7 for Mac OS X.  It should be considered an extension of Landon Fuller’s amazing work, SoyLatte. SoyMacchiato differentiates itself by offering binaries for both the standard JDK as well as MLVM/DaVinci Machine (a JVM enhanced for java.next languages). The standard JDK is compiled as [...]

Common Lisp… meet newLisp October 10, 2007 No Comments

I am constantly watching and trying new programming languages and concepts.  Io, Seed7, and Scala have all been exciting to see progressing, but one language I have always watched closely has been newLisp. I have used, admired, and at times worshiped Common Lisp, but I think we may need to stop trying to teach the old dog new tricks, and [...]

Prank Calls and Platforms September 6, 2007 No Comments

Last night I was prank called by two lovely girls (one of which remained in the background). Cheers to you two, it was a pretty good prank call, but I was aware of its nature as soon as it started. The caller claimed to be doing a survey for Drexel University, but was WAY to [...]