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If pasta was a market, I’d start trading now September 14, 2007 No Comments

If you’re Italian, or just like pasta a lot, I have some bad news for you. Pasta prices are on a rise. Wheat prices are rising and Italians are protesting by urging consumers NOT to buy pasta, and instead handing out free pasta, milk, and bread. There ain’t no protest like a pasta protest! Direct [...]

Our World is About to Blow Up… Sorry. September 7, 2007 No Comments

Pretty soon you might not to be able to read this blog at the blazing speeds that our current internet infrastructure provides. The Department of Justice has told Internet service providers that they should charge for priority traffic. Large companies and organizations have openly supported net neutrality, so everyone has equal access and abilities on the internet. [...]

Prank Calls and Platforms September 6, 2007 No Comments

Last night I was prank called by two lovely girls (one of which remained in the background). Cheers to you two, it was a pretty good prank call, but I was aware of its nature as soon as it started. The caller claimed to be doing a survey for Drexel University, but was WAY to [...]