Open Source

For a full list of my contributions, please see my GitHub account.

Shoreleave – ClojureScript libraries for client-side development

clojure-leap – Clojure interface for the Leap Motion

SoyMacchiato – OpenJDK7 for Mac OS X

Aupy – Micro autonomic framework: Application Utility Functions in Python

Clopi – Clojure Package Index

Coopquo – Collective Intelligence library for Clojure

Smaller projects and contributions, include but not limited to:

  • clj-github – Github API bindings for Clojure [clojars]
  • clj-bitbucket – BitBucket API bindings for Clojure [clojars]
  • kibit – A static checker for Clojure [ clojars ]
  • lein-multi – Testing a project against multiple versions of Clojure [ clojars ]
  • GottaFind – HTML5 + Clojure anonymous location sharing app
  • Enact – a port of Enlive (a CSS-selection oriented template system) to Python
  • PyPy – Python implementation with JIT, stackless, sandboxing, efficient garbage collection, and multiple backend capabilities
  • CollegeLinux – Linux Ditribution (discontinued)


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